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About Us

Pedros Seguros” is a brokerage insurance young family began in 2012.

Their coach Jesús Pacheco Pedro Parada has extensive professional experience in the insurance sector. In 2008 he began his career as exclusive agent for one of the most important companies in the health sector.

Continuing education has always been something very important to do this work so important, why evolving we decide to change our figure to the insurance broker, in order to provide the best independent service in the industry and in turn best market prices.

Our mission is to provide independent and objective advice to the client that best suits your needs at no additional cost. With personalized attention both in our office and in the private home of the client.

We specialize in understanding the needs of customers, found the best both companies and individuals solution.

Our brokerage is located in Paterna (Valencia). Calle Ingeniero Escolano 10.

  • We assess and audit the risks before contracting with the aim of finding the absolute best for our customers, from the wide range of possibilities option.
  • We represent our clients before the insurance companies, ensuring professional supervision of any necessary processing of the contracted policy.
  • A personal and humane treatment. Aportamos always that closeness that allows our clients to express their needs in an atmosphere of calm and confidence.
  • We have more important: An active spirit when performing our services.

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